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Build it up! – Prix Italia 2014 winner

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I was part of building a website called Build it up! (In Danish ‘byg det op’) for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR).

about build it up

Lately I heard it won the prize Prix Italia 2014 – Web competition in Torino.


This was a fun project for me and I will share some of my insights of my part in the project. The interesting part of this project is how DR was able to interact with the Danish people using both web, radio and TV as the platform on a unified project.

The project was about letting the Danish people suggest projects and nominate candidates for realizing new architectural ‘beautiful’ building projects in Denmark.

The project had collaborations across different media types: web, radio and TV broadcasts. The web was the platform where users could interact and add suggestions with location, descriptions, photos and videos. The radio had programs and interviews with the stakeholders of the project. The TV broadcasted in documentary style the process and result of realizing the winner projects.

DR had allied with Danish Architecture Center (DAC) and various funding companies sponsoring the projects.

There were many stakeholders for the project. DR, DAC, architecture firms, funding companies, municipalities, the candidates for the winner project, local communities where the project was to be build.

Web development

We were two main developers (coders) for the project. I was the backend developer and Christian Planck was the frontend developer. As I remembered it, the web development process lasted for about 1-2 month before go-live date.

We used Scrum and the website have integration to CMS, Google Maps and a photo, video upload system. We were able to produce the result in short time span because DR has build a tool (framework) for configuring CMS integration and web view rendering (and because we were skilled developers 🙂 )

The webpage was to be mobile friendly where users could upload suggestions from their phones and attaching photo and video.
The webpage have a public access where the Danish citizens could interact and provider suggestions and a private admin site for monitoring, searching and examine the suggestions.


The website had different states during the timeline.

  • Suggesting state – Open for adding suggestions
  • Jury state – Closed for adding suggestions
  • Voting state – Open for voting, voting menu available
  • Winners found state – Closed for voting


This is the timeline as I recall it. As a developer, my focus was in the web area. I might have missed some of the details in the radio and TV timeline.

build it up process


Written by kunuk Nykjaer

October 5, 2014 at 12:43 pm

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