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Extend existing Javascript method

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Imagine you are dependent on a 3rd party Javascript function called print.
That method is called by various methods and maybe from a 3rd party component.
You want to hook into the method and do some extra stuff.
Here’s an example of how to ‘extend’ the 3rd party method.

// Simulate 3rd party function
var print = alert;

// Original method 
print('how are you?'); // alert with how are you?

// Immediate function which encapsulates temp variables
(function (origin) {
	// Update original method
	print = (function (origin) {
		function decoratedOrigin(input) {
			// Modified input
			var modifiedInput =
				input + ' injected at time: ' + new Date().getTime();

			// Injected method

			// Invoke original method and return result
			return origin(modifiedInput);
		return decoratedOrigin;
})(print); // Inject with origin method

// Extended method		
print('how are you today?'); // alert and console.log with modified input

Written by kunuk Nykjaer

December 10, 2014 at 9:47 pm

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