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Working with Sass and Media Queries

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If you want responsive design and use Sass you could do this. Setup your break points
(this post is similar to my Less post, but with Sass this time).

Setup Sass and Media Queries

/* Setup */
$device-extra-small-width: 480px;
$device-small-width: 768px;
$device-medium-width: 992px;
$device-large-width: 1200px;

@mixin device-extra-small {
 @media (min-width: #{$device-extra-small-width}) { @content; }
@mixin device-small {
 @media (min-width: #{$device-small-width}) { @content; }
@mixin device-medium {
 @media (min-width: #{$device-medium-width}) { @content; }
@mixin device-large {
 @media (min-width: #{$device-large-width}) { @content; }

When you want to apply responsive design for a component you structure the Media Queries like this.


<div class='responsive-component'>
  sass and media queries example


/* Usage */
.responsive-component {
   /* default is device-extra-extra-small */
   font-size: 100%;
   background: tomato;

   @include device-extra-small {
    font-size: 120%;
    background: aqua;
   @include device-small {
    font-size: 140%;
    background: orange;
  @include device-medium {
    font-size: 160%;
    background: lime;
  @include device-large {
    font-size: 180%;
    background: yellow;

Here is a demo. Edit on Codepen, resize the browser horizontally and see how the content changes.

Reference reading:

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March 15, 2015 at 2:14 pm

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